Why I Love LinkedIn for Financial Advisors

I still remember a crisp fall day in 2006, early on in my career as a wealth manager, when one of my colleagues told me about Linkedin and how it works.  At the time, I listened to him uninterested, and beneath my breath, I mocked the site: I don't see the point, and it's certainly not helpful to me.  Now let me go back to my cold calls!!

Fast forward to 2014, when I started Select Advisors, and my favorite tool to use for prospecting and building new relationships for financial advisors has since been Linkedin.  I've seen it help advisors close $20mm opportunities, get in front of money in motion, and reconnect with old friends that you have completely forgotten about.

I found Linkedin such a powerful tool for all types of sales, that I put a large portion of my 401K in the Linkedin stock (thank you, Microsoft!)

Today, I see many advisors either look down on Linkedin ("You're not going to find a UHNW on Linkedin," they tell me), or completely unaware of how to use it.  Or, most of the time, both.  Many times, I see advisors writing an investment idea on Linkedin, with not even a single "Like".  Other times, I see advisors post their quarterly newsletters, and the sight of it puts me to sleep.

Here's a video to get you started on the right track with Linkedin, from your profile, to the way you write what you do.

    If you need help customizing your language and making it more impactful, you can always register for our Personalized Sales Coaching Program so we can rewrite that language for you and make it more powerful.

    After you've revised your profile changes, the next step is to use Linkedin to actually help you grow your practice!

    How can you do that?  Click here to purchase an instructional deep dive video which will teach you how to grow your practice using Linkedin.  With this video, you will learn:

    • How some of the nation's fastest growing advisors are using Linkedin
    • What keywords you should be using on your Linkedin profile for maximum impact
    • How you should prospect on Linkedin without looking "salesy"
    • Best practices and stories from the industry on Linkedin usage
    • Which of the Linkedin premium and paid services are best for financial advisors
    • Processes that you can follow on a daily and monthly basis to develop a robust pipeline