Our Team

Our Team is comprised of seasoned coaching, consulting and research experts who have spent their entire careers focusing on leadership development, sales management, marketing strategy and process structuring


Amy Parvaneh

Founder and CEO

Amy received her MBA from Duke University, and soon joined the Investment Management division of Goldman Sachs & Co., where she shattered management expectations for the speed she brought to the firm a client base whose net worth exceeded a billion dollars.  But even that was too small for her, and she knew her passions were much wider than working at a large institution.

In 2013, Amy launched Select Advisors Institute to motivate, train, and partner with service providers who are looking to grow at the same pace and trajectory she has grown her career and businesses.

Amy has consulted and coached wealth management, asset management, accounting, legal, and non profit organizations using the tools and services we offer.

Our Expert Coaches and Consultants


Meredith McElmurry

Systems and Processes Development

Meredith is a management consultant with over 13 years of experience, notably at firms including Booz Allen Hamilton, CDM Smith and Jacobs. Her focus is in leadership, HR, wealth management, asset management, operations, financial analysis, business process re-engineering, and environmental management systems and strategic program development and implementation. She has created financial, project, strategic, and sustainability plans for private, federal, and municipal sector clients in the financial services, real estate, aerospace, education, information technology, and transportation industries. Meredith has overseen projects to identify, assess, and mitigate risks through client interface data gathering, financial analysis, key performance metrics development, and operational analysis. In addition, she has facilitated numerous large and small groups to perform data validation and process mapping. Meredith has a BA from Duke University and an MBA from University of Texas Austin.

Lisa Flom Headshot.jpg

Lisa Flom

Referralytics Consultant and Client Relations

Lisa Flom is a strategic partnership and business development consultant for business, technology, media and nonprofit organizations. After advising global law firms, government agencies and corporations at LexisNexis, Lisa moved to News Corp. in New York to provide research analysis and customized training to executives, talent and editorial. She continued her business development consulting with Women in Technology International, helping companies gain market expansion and acquire talent. Lisa has developed criteria for evaluating systems, measuring performance and effectiveness of partner activities through capacity planning, KPIs, metrics, and analytics.

Lisa focuses on the power of research and strategic relationships for business growth and retention. She taught at the Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY on research methodology to graduate journalism students and foreign reporters. 

Lisa is on the Advisory Board for Path2HappiSuccess, helping college students find their best career path. She also volunteers for HomeAid Orange County, dedicated to ending homelessness through awareness, housing, and service outreach.

Lisa has a BA in International Relations from San Francisco State University and a JD from Brooklyn Law School.

anne-sandberg large pic.jpg

Anne Sandberg

Talent Management Assessment, Communications

Anne is our talent management assessment specialist, focusing on building customized platforms to understand the lowest hanging fruit for growth for employees at large organizations. Anne is the author of Interview Generator, an online interview-building system used by employers and HR managers across the world.

She has an M.S Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Anne has been working with private sector clients globally since 1999 after transitioning from the public sector at the Los Angeles Unified School District working with employment selection.

Anne’s work with us helps us understand the areas of strength and improvement for our clients, thus spending our time with our clients most effectively.

Upon an assessment of our clients pertaining to their internal tendencies, Anne coaches to help them achieve their goals.

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Sarah Hodges

Neuroleadership and Well-Being Coach

Sarah is our well-being coach. She is a certified coach, speaker, and creator of the A+ Method: A proprietary approach to goal setting.  The powerful A+ Method can unstick the stuck, motivate the unmotivated, and soothe the stressed.  Tested on clients from ages 6 to 91, Sarah’s powerful program transforms from the inside-out in record time.

Her passion for personal growth began after her struggle with obesity and depression as a professional musician and opera singer. After losing 90 pounds and transforming her own life, Sarah sought out extensive education and certifications in brain-based life coaching, health coaching, and biomechanics.

When not coaching, Sarah spends her time on her passion project called Innerform, where she applies her A+ Method to body-positive wellness education for women. She is also a strong supporter of cancer research and prevention. She works closely with the National Foundation of Cancer Research and sits on the advisory board of Geneius, a t-cell therapy company.


  • Neuroleadership Institute Brain-Based Coach

  • Uniform Investment Advisor Law

  • ACE Health Coach

  • Z-Health Essentials of Elite Performance

  • NASM Personal Trainer

  • Somatraining:

    • Proprioception & Awareness

    • Advanced Circulatory and Respiratory Techniques

    • ELDOA (Longitudinal Osteo-Articular Decoaptation Segmental Strengthening

    • Gravity Line

    • Cardiovascular Conditioning Techniques

    • Myofascial Stretching