While individuals will not be selecting their financial advisor, lawyer or accountant because of a nice website or logo, those tools are an indication of your investment back into your business and the sustainability of your practice for years to come.  We are big believers that modernizing your practice through your brand, better technology and marketing tools can showcase your true passion, culture, messaging and unique services offerings. 

At Select Advisors, we recommend starting your marketing and practice modernization strategy only after going through our sales coaching program.  This "sampling" exercise allows all parties involved to see what messaging and "pitch" actually works in the real world with your target market. 

Upon getting laser focused on what investors value in your practice, we can work with you to design a new brand, website, brochure, tagline, color scheme, and much more so you can ramp up your visibility and pipeline growth.

We provide cutting-edge ideas pertaining to technology, branding strategies, design, and social networking in order to help you get in front of the right type of prospects.  And if you don't believe your target clients are using technology or social media, just take a look at a grandmother speaking with her grandchild over Facetime!


On a daily basis, we hear from financial advisors, law firms and accounting firms complaining that their work is commoditized, meaning they believe everyone else is doing it.  With over two million advisors throughout the nation, that may sound like a legitimate frustration.  Advisors worry that what was once rare, like financial planning or customized portfolios, is now being offered by everyone else in their industry.  They worry that what was once unique, like being an RIA, is now growing to be a household word (thanks to Tony Robbins!).  They fear that anyone can go get their CFP and start managing money, and that robots are about to take over their jobs.  Click to learn why we believe better branding can separate you from every single one of your competitors.


Curating Your Client Appreciation Events for Maximum Impact


Firms both large and small are investing thousands of dollars a year in bringing clients and resources together for social and educational panels, dinners, happy hours, briefings, CFO breakfasts and more, in the hopes of not just thanking their existing clients, but obtaining new clients through the process.

As I travel the country helping firms with their branding and marketing efforts, I often attend such events as a guest observer, taking notes on their structure, content and arrangement, and I am often disappointed by the final result as it pertains to their business development goals, particularly what happens before and, most importantly, after the event.

A typical event goes something like this: Clients are invited through an email invite with the generic subject line such as, “You are invited to hear our economic outlook.” At the very bottom of the email, almost with trepidation, is a note hesitantly stating, “Please feel free to bring friends.” Date and location are included.

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A Case Study on Rebranding: Modernizing your employees' job titles

If Apple wanted to be "average" and be understood by the "average" client, they could have named the "Genius Bar" their Customer Service desk!

If Apple wanted to be "average" and be understood by the "average" client, they could have named the "Genius Bar" their Customer Service desk!

Modernizing your employees' job titles at your advisory practice can be a simple approach to improving your digital and brand presence with GenX and millennial investors, and showing your clients exactly what you do.

Consider the example of “the genius bar” at Apple’s retail stores. While the job itself is not particularly unique (you simply help resolve customer product problems), you are branding your employees with what your company represents and stands for.

Here are a few job titles we love from some modern-thinking service providers:

  • 1) Head of Making Friends (instead of National Sales Director or Head of Business Development)

  • 2) Client Ambassador (Instead of wealth manager or associate)

  • 3) Director of First Impressions (Instead of Receptionist)

  • 4) Lead Enabler (Instead of administrative assistant)

  • 5) Ambassador of Buzz (Instead of chief marketing officer)

A Case Study: Replacing your boring newsletters with videoblogs

Video blogs can be a great tool to showcase your expertise in a more animated, humanized way than through boring text and newsletters

Video blogs can be a great tool to showcase your expertise in a more animated, humanized way than through boring text and newsletters

If you were a high net worth individual who is either extremely busy as a business owner, or looking to enjoy her retirement after years of working so hard, would you be spending your valuable time reading boring text in a newsletter from your wealth manager?  Especially a newsletter that typically doesn't even load properly on most email service providers because the advisor is using email service providers that are antiquated?  Maybe...but rarely!

Yet I see advisors spending days at a time writing, fine-tuning and editing their monthly market commentaries and newsletters, looking at "click rates" and assuming it will grow their practice.

Welcome to 2019!  There are multiple platforms made available in today's day and age to move away from the old-fashioned newsletter.  For example, you can create beautiful videos on a weekly basis to capture your clients' full attention in a short period of time (we live in an age of information overload, remember?)  So long as you get your compliance and technology advisor's approval, you can express your market views to your clients, sending them videos of your expertise and humanizing your practice. 

Contact us to learn about the modern platforms out there and how you can utilize them to reach more of your clients, more frequently.  Stop hiding behind boring text and humanize your practice using modern marketing tools!

Some of our solutions to implement your new branding include:







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