Got Sales Skills?

How to Measure the It Factor In Sales

Published in Barron’s on September 24, 2019

The notion of fitting a square peg in a round hole continues to be a theme in the wealth management industry: CEOs and senior leadership reach a point in their business when it becomes an existential need to expect business development from their client servicing-teammates. The problem is that many of these folks were originally hired for their nurturing, soft-touch personalities. Those skills many times can be the polar opposite of what’s needed to uncover opportunities and close new business.

But what are the traits to look for in those who can be coached and developed into business developers with their own authentic strategies, and what are the traits that express loud as day that you will be fitting a square peg in a round hole by continuing to focus on sales with such an individual?

Similarly, what are traits to look for in the new-hire process to ensure someone can be trained and coached around business development? Is it a large Rolodex? An extroverted personality?

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