Behind on your annual sales goal? Here’s how to make September the month to get back on track.

It may not have been your year.  You started off the year with high goals and aspirations, claiming that this was going to be your best year yet.  Somewhere along the second quarter, you realized that your overwhelming client responsibilities had held you back substantially from any business development efforts.  And like a self-fulfilling prophecy, it all spiraled downwards from there. 

Looking back on the third quarter, your clients were vacationing, and many of your prospects pushed you off so they can enjoy their summer vacation in peace.  “Check back in with us later this year,” many of them told you.

Or even worst, you lost a client this year, hurting not only your existing revenue, but setting you back further than expected.

With only three months left to the year, you may feel like you have to write this year off as a lost cause for business development.  This just wasn’t my year, you say to yourself.  Maybe next year. 

Wherever you are with your sales for the year, it’s not too late to get back on track, and finish the year off meeting the sales targets you set for yourself at the beginning of the year.

Here’s how:

Step 1)

Visualize it.  You heard me!  Put down that chart, that statement, that research report.  Start visualizing exactly what amount you need.  Then picture what that amount would do to your lifestyle.  How would it change your year?  How would it change your family?  How would it change your team?  Draw it, cut out pictures, do whatever you can to feel what attaining that goal would do to you. 

For anyone who’s ever read The Secret or Think and Grow Rich, you know that sales first requires believing what you want.  What you visualize, you materialize

Step 2)

Figure out exactly what client size you need to target at this point in the year.  The clock is ticking, so you can’t afford to waste any more time.  If your goal is to bring in $1mm in new revenue for the year, then, unfortunately shooting for $10,000 clients one at a time will simply not do it.  Do the backwards math and see how many clients you need, at what average size, in order to get you to your goal…quick.  Need help?  Contact us!

Step 3)

Make every social event, meeting, email, and call count to get in front of that target client you defined in Step 2.  Use our Referralytics team, or have your team create a full research report on every client or prospect you will be contacting.  Make sure you take advantage of any opportunity to ask for direct referrals, send targeted emails to prospects with lots of background research, and know exactly what events to go to. 


Don’t think it’s possible?  Reach out to the Select Advisors team to get you back on track and teach you the tools you need to achieve your goals.  All we ask is that you have to have a burning desire to achieve what you say you want!  If you start talking to us about your holiday plans and vacations, we may doubt that you’re truly hungry to grow!