My Conversation with Author Scott West on Curiosity Skills Required for Financial Advisors

At the end of the day, as financial advisors, we get paid to converse.  While questioning and listening skills are typically seen as "softer skill", it is the act of better "story selling" that will allow advisors to learn more about their clients, uncover more opportunities to help them, and more quickly discover who within their circle can benefit from your services as a wealth manager.

Scott West's book, Storyselling for Financial Advisors, is one of my all-time favorite books pertaining to financial advisors and growth, so I was thrilled to have him join me on this webinar.

On this webinar, you will learn from Scott how Curiosity can lead to more growth for financial advisors.

How is this different than all the other books and resources out there?

  1. When you google search "curiosity," there are tons of books out there, including "How to get to yes, how to avoid no", etc.  The problem with these resources?  They all benefit the person asking the question, not the recipient (the client).  This webinar is based on research by people who's sole job is to get to answers, including detectives and jury consultants who have only 2.5 minutes to interview dozens of people over high stake inquiries.

The conclusion?

A gathering of Eight core topics that will results in a deeper conversation with your clients, thus helping you expand your practice with very little resistance.

Want to learn what these eight core topics are?  Click here to download!