Why a broken Advisor sales strategy is more of a repairable passion problem

As seen in RIABiz, January 2017

The other day at my kid's soccer game, one of the moms let me know that after many years of being a stay-at-home parent, she’s started her own photography business. She talked excitedly and enthusiastically about it, going on about a recent family shoot on the beach. As she expressed her zeal, I began to feel uneasy at the realization that she might ask me to become one of her portfolio clients. My mind raced. Would our friendship suffer if I don’t sign my family up for a photo session? 

A few days afterwards, I was still thinking about it. Should I call her? What if the photos don’t work out? Will it become uncomfortable seeing her at soccer practice during drop-off?

It led me to wonder how my friends, family and acquaintances feel when I tell them I work in the wealth management industry. 10 advisors explain how they build sales without getting 'salesy'

Do they also prepare to fend off yet another financial advisor trying to get their money under management? Do they worry that if our business relationship soured that our friendship could sour in the bargain? I have no easy answers. But I knew that if these questions troubled me then I needed answers.

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