“If everyone has the same number of hours in the day, why do some people seem to get so much more done than others? How do they do more, achieve more, earn more, have more? If time is the currency of achievement, then why are some able to cash in their allotment for more chips than others?
— Gary Keller, The One Thing

Why Attend the Time Management Summit

The number one thing holding you back from growing your legal, accounting or wealth management practice is limited time.  What are you spending your time on?  How is your day being spent?  We know you must prioritize, but what if everything on your plate is important?  

At the Select Advisors Time Management for Growth summit, we will help you define your long term goals, and show you exactly how to build out more time to get to your targets. 


Your Challenges & What you will learn in this event:

  • How can you make the most out of your day?
  • How can you make time networking as a parent, especially as a parent of young children?
  • What kind of multitasking is necessary, and what kind is a waste of time?
  • How to lead your team in a way that all members are effectively managing their time?
  • How to delegate, enforce, and not have to repeat yourself
  • What business development activities and efforts are a waste of time, and which ones are effective
  • Does the 4 hour work week apply to today's envioronment, and if so, how can you apply it to your practice



Reflection and measuring the challenges.  Group and peer breakouts, discussions, and best practices.  Hear from industry experts on what has worked for them.  Gain clearly defined strategies from experts and peers on how to gain back more time and spend it on growing your practice.  Share your challenges with peers and hear how they have solved such scenarios.


Learn about technology and tools available to help you scale your practice and add more time to your business.  Utilize them in the classroom and ask questions on their effectiveness for your practice.  Gain Tools, technology, worksheets, calendaring and recurring strategies that you can tap into to build out more time for your firm, and for your life.  Examples will include reducing and minimizing processes that are inefficient. 


Business development.  Now that you have all this new time back into your day, how will you apply it to grow your practice?  Learn from Amy Parvaneh, seasoned expert in branding and business development for financial, legal and accounting professionals.  Business development best practices that are scalable and with high impact, utilizing technology and digital tools that you can tap into.  Because without more meetings, who will you show your amazing platform to?


Our Mission

At Select Advisors, we care about you, hard working financial advisors, lawyers and accountants, because we know your role is very crucial in people's lives.  Managing money and wealth, and handling legal affairs and taxes can make a significant impact on people's retirement experience, their livelihood, and their legacy.  But we also know that without more meetings, who will you showcase your amazing platform to?  Without more prospects in your pipeline, how will you grow your practice?  What will be the consequences to you and your team if you don't grow?  Is waiting around for referrals from clients and centers of influence a predictable growth methodology to hang your hat on?  If you don't have clear answers to these questions, then we need to talk!