How To Help More Single Family Offices And Meet Their Needs

November 16, 2018

Our speaker on this day will be Pat Soldano.


Ms. Soldano has spent over 25 years managing family offices, providing full service, integrated family office services to many families. She developed Cymric Family Office Services into a multi-family office in 1996, and in January of 2009, she sold Cymric to GenSpring Family Offices. Ms. Soldano was the Managing Director of the Western Region and then a Family Office Consultant to GenSpring before retiring December 31, 2017. Ms. Soldano is now a Family Office consultant working directly with families herself.

She will discuss best practices around setting yourself apart from the competition, and truly positioning yourself on the side of your ultra high net worth families and individuals.

What is Select Women Advisors?

What is Select Women Advisors?

Women are poorly represented among the nation’s fastest growing and largest financial advisors. Even when there are no external roadblocks, women are often stymied by self-doubt: With one or two rejections, they decide this just isn’t for them. But there’s a deeper obstacle, one that I’ve seen consistently in my own successful advisory career and now as an advisor coach. Very simply, most women are afraid to bring out their persistent, more forceful nature—they’ve been conditioned to keep it under wraps. But that nature is essential to get in front of more opportunities and close business.