Who can benefit from a sales offsite?

Financial advisors have many strengths—from client-centric business models to high-touch services and 24/7 availability—but their ability to add new clients often doesn’t measure up.

At Select Advisors, our proprietary sales training and coaching programs help financial advisors turn this traditional weakness to a strength.

Led by our founder, Amy Parvaneh, a veteran of Goldman Sachs and PIMCO’s Investment Management divisions, and executed by our team of sales coaches and consultants, our program, which is typically offered through our Offsites, focuses on best practices, including niche market networking, communication enhancement, handling prospect objections, asking for referrals, working with centers of influence, and many other strategies for finding, connecting with, and closing prospects.

What kind of firms should attend?

Typically two types of firms benefit most from Select Advisors’ Sales Offsites: Those whose founders have built successful practices but whose younger associates lack sales skills and drive, and veteran advisors who have stagnant books of business, but who dislike traditional “selling,” and may be frustrated by new regulatory barriers to marketing.

Why does it need to be in an offsite format?

Contrary to popular belief, business development requires an immense amount of creativity and thinking "outside the box."  With distractions from incoming emails, project deadlines and ongoing business operation matters, your sales creativity can get diluted, and the results might show. It's a bit difficult looking at the markets on one screen, trading portfolios, and at the same time remembering a good friend's friend you met a while back at a networking event. It's tough writing a heart-felt introductory email to a prospect when you are working on a project with a tight deadline.

That's why we are strong believers in drawing your business development roadmap, and gaining your sales coaching and training outside the office.

Many financial advisors complain that their daily work schedules and high-touch service models don't permit any time to work on their sales goals. Our suggestion to them would be to take one fully day to be 100% focused on sales. 

The ability to develop new business hinges not on innate personality characteristics, but on understanding and implementing specific, actionable steps. Those steps include everything from getting existing clients to help you grow, to writing better e-mail campaigns.

You don’t need to be a ‘salesman’ to be successful at developing new business. It’s a matter of learning and executing simple, concrete steps.