At Select Advisors, we fully understand that some situations are timely, and can make or break your business if not approached in the right manner.


Take for example a prospect you meet on a plane. He is a well-known celebrity, and he's shared with you his whole life story on a five hour flight from JFK to LAX. What do you do next to convert that conversation from a personal one to a business one? It might sound simple, but what if you don't pursue it the right way and he never calls you back?


You may have set up a meeting with a trust and estate attorney who is the most well-known in your community. You know he covers everyone whose net worth is over $20mm in your town, but how can you maximize that meeting? It's been said that lawyers can be go out to lunch and breakfast with a different financial advisor every day of the week if they wanted to. How can you differentiate yourself and make an impact?


You may have finally landed a meeting with the board of a $50mm foundation. Do you have the right messaging and documents to bring to your presentation? Have you strategized on who should take what role in the meeting? What if one of you talks too much? What if you don't address what they need? 

Our Menu of On Demand Situations

How It Works

For situations when you want to significantly increase your chances of success, and want to reduce the cost of experimentation, or for opportunities that are potentially once in a lifetime, contact us so you can get coached directly by Amy Parvaneh.  We will strive to increase your chances of success by 50%.



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First, sign up to become a VIP On Demand Coaching Member.  This will allow you access to our on-demand coaching sessions. 




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After becoming an annual VIP On Demand Coaching Member, select the situation from our Menu that you would like to strategize about.  You can select as many situations as you'd like.



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Upon your payment, you will receive a link to schedule your coaching session with Amy.  You will also be asked to include lots of details around the situation to prepare us for research around this situation.



Get Coached

Share your specific situation with Amy, and strategize on a plan that would help you succeed in that situation.  The coaching sessions will last one hour.