There is no one size fits all to sales

If you’ve ever assumed that just because you don’t have the right skills to “work a room”, or you didn’t score a “Woo”, or you don’t have the charisma of your CEO, that you are not meant to be in a sales and business development role within your organization, you are incorrect!

Similarly, if you CAN work a room, collect hundreds of cards at an event, know a lot of people around your community, but still aren’t growing as fast as one would assume, don’t fret either!

Finally, if you are the most helpful member of your team, developing systems and processes and have intense research skills, but believe those skills disqualify you for a “sales” role, you may be discounting yourself.

There is a science and reasoning behind all of sales, and it boils down to this:

There is a not a one-size-fits-all approach to sales, nor can there ever be an “avatar” of a perfect sales person.

At Select Advisors Institute, we have compartmentalized personalities into three segments, and believe each one has its own unique methodology for growth. You just have to know which category you fall into, so that you don’t waste your time!

The solution is to find out what your Consultative Sales Personality is, which is the core of your DNA and the strengths you were already born with, and hone them to reach your goals in the fastest way possible.

What is the Select Advisors Sales Personality Test

Powered by Harrison Assessments, which is an internationally recognized and scientifically proven personality test, Select Advisors has combined data and traits we have seen as commonality among all of our past and existing clients’ results to assess all of our new clients.

Upon our assessment, we quickly determine if our clients falls into the Strategic, the Charmer, or the Researcher category, enabling us and our client to be able to:

  • Find more compatible teammates pertaining to growing a practice

  • Know how to work with different prospect personalities

  • Use that personality trait to their benefit in order to maximize its impact, while honing areas that need more polishing

  • Work with the appropriate coach within Select Advisors who also possesses such a personality and is equipped to helping clients who fit that category