Guide·ing Ques·tion


Definition: The inverse of an open-ended question; one that leads to a specific answer

Referralytics Guiding Questions help your business contacts pinpoint exactly who in their network could be a good referral for you, thus making the process a lot simpler and direct

Open-ended questions and old fashioned methodology:

  • If you know anyone who would like the same services you are receiving, feel free to give them my card!

  • We have seen a lot of investors worries about the markets; can you think of anyone who would like a second opinion?

  • Or: Thanks for sending us a referral, we look forward to meeting him! (And then it ends up being a prospect below your firm's minimum)

Referralytics™️ Guiding Questions

  • I noticed on the YMCA Board that you're on there is a guy who went to Duke like me, John Smith!  Can I reach out to him and mention I know you?

  • I was just looking at your Linkedin account and noticed we had someone in common, David Smith.  How do you know Republic Realty, as we work with a lot of real estate investors!