Amy got me super focused on a few campaigns, which are working. Taught me how to write to get meetings.
— — Billion dollar plus advisor at trillion dollar financial company
Amy’s reach-out approach helped our team get closer to and learn more about some of our prospects than we have had in five years.
— — CEO of a $300mm advisory firm in Southern California
Amy has the ability to connect with ultra high net worth individuals through a very polished methodology, and help establish them into long-lasting business relationships
— — CEO of a single family office in Los Angeles, California

Since 2013, Amy Parvaneh’s suggested email content, newsletter language, invitations and scripts have helped financial advisors get in front of and close millions of dollars of new opportunities…

We have compiled all the most successful content and language into one book to be customized for your practice!

Cor·re Spond·andce


Definition: A written or digital communication exchanged between two parties.

Proper and targeted writing, expressed either digitally, via social media, or other mode, can be the most time efficient and effective method for you to get in front of many more opportunities. You don’t need any connections or to be the most famous person around, you don’t need to beg for any introductions. You just need good, effective, and eloquent language.

Select Advisors emails are:

  • Targeted to get you in front of centers of influence and excite them about meeting you

  • Aimed at getting you in front of prospects that meet your niche, or can help you create your own niche

  • Aimed at helping you effectively answer a prospect’s objections to meeting and change their views on you

  • Focused on helping you improve your image, even if you don’t have the world’s best vocabulary!

  • High-end, polished, classy, and most importantly, compliance-friendly!

Select Advisors emails can:

  • Help you introduce yourself better to your target audience

  • Help you sound less robotic and scripted, and sound personalized

  • Help you in fill-in-the blanks in the proper areas of an email that can help you truly differentiate yourself

  • Take the core of your message, repackage it, and help you sound more polished and intellectual



Key topics

What are the sections of our book? We have compartmentalized it into every category you will need to grow your practice!

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Cold Leads

Position yourself as a consultant and an interested member of the circle of resources for your prospects. Every section of the email templates will include core sections from Amy as well as “fill in the blanks” that we will guide you through to ensure the message is powerful but “yours”.

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Tactical Messaging

Get emails to someone who just sold a business, a corporate executive, an event you are inviting for, a family office, a recent divorce case, a real estate developer, and a lot more. Ever hear of the Ostrich Effect? It’s not a fad…it’s psychology! People don’t want to hear about what they SHOULD do, or what negative thing is about to happen to their portfolio.

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Did you recently receive a negative reply to your invite or reach out, such as “Thanks, I’m well covered, good luck”? Do you just give up? What are some best objections to such difficult and challenging objections? How about if someone says “Your fees are too high?” Or “I like to put my investments all in the same one mutual fund”?

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Your Elevator Pitch

Sure, there’s no such thing as one response and answer to everyone you meet. At the same time, you should be able to reply quickly, smoothly, and with ease. What will be your reply? We can help you button up your elevator pitch easily and quickly. Let us walk you through the steps and show you the keywords that are musts in today’s age.