Get One-On-One and Small Group Sales Coaching and consulting with our founder and cEO, Amy Parvaneh, at one of our Growth offsites!!

Our Institute Campus is located in the heart of Newport Beach, CA, allowing you and your teammates an environment to identify your goals, and creatively think outside the box for modern and unique sales strategies, and share your business development ideas for feedback.

Spend the full day in a collegial environment, working closely with your colleagues, industry peers, and a small group of select advisors experiencing the same challenges as you, and get immersed in sales and marketing discussions that can take your business to the next level.

The best part?  We will coach and challenge you along the way, sharing with you what will actually work, what is possible, and what can be a valuable use of your time.


Full Day in our Newport Beach, CA Campuses

9am to 1:30pm - All meals included