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It is commonly understood that a wealth management practice can grow through client referrals and getting COI introductions.

That being said, standard approaches to using these methods can take on average 3-5 years before results begin to show.

The Select Advisors sales training methods and program focus on speed in helping advisors grow.  We focus on cutting edge and modern techniques that are proven to get advisors in front of ultra high net worth individuals.

In Coffee Chats with Amy sessions, like-minded and ambitious financial advisors and wealth managers from across the globe gather on webcam/call to share their questions, experiences, and challenges, and hear speedy solutions from Amy Parvaneh.

Pricing: $399/Month, cancel anytime!


Topics that will be covered include:

Finding Leads

Finding leads
  • How to become a wealth detector in your daily activities
  • How to use social media in order to source leads from any industry
  • What your social media presence should include in order to get most people to accept your connection and take a meeting with you
  • How to prospect friends and neighbors in a way that you don't damage long lasting relationships
  • How to get better at gaining referrals from existing client through better research
  • How to see who is building wealth before anyone finds out
  • How to spend your business development time in a way that's effective
  • Becoming a Wealth Detector to source billionaires, the millionaire next door, and unannounced M&A activity
  • Using extremely good research skills to find names most advisors aren't coming across

Enhancing your prospect meeting skills

Getting meetings
  • Becoming a better storyteller to describe your value proposition 
  • Explaining the investment management landscape to build excitement and enthusiasm
  • Rebranding and repackaging your story
  • Best types of questions to ask during meetings to get to the next step
  • Best ways to incorporate your teammates into your meetings
  • Do's and don'ts at meetings to achieve your goals
  • Incorporating unique solutions into your practice that meet today's investor needs
  • Follow up email strategies that work
  • Communication and in-person strategies to increase the energy and momentum within meetings

Expediting the Closing Process

  • Handling client objections
  • Building a process and checklists around any meeting to significantly increase your close ratio
  • Action steps around any meeting to move the ball forward
  • Properly addressing fee conversations
  • Asking for the order
  • Creating a sense of urgency