Amy Parvaneh, Founder & CEO

Amy Parvaneh was born on the day of a civil war and coup d'etat, with her mother forced to be taken to a hospital to have an emergency delivery given the upcoming riots the country was anticipating the next day.  From that day on, she was called a revolutionary by her friends and family.  

Amy and her family moved to the United States when she was 12 years old.  Given her excruciatingly challenging upbringing, her survivalist mentality encouraged her to pursue any dreams, and to never forget the lack of opportunities others in less fortunate countries experience.

Amy received her MBA from Duke University, and soon joined the Investment Management division of Goldman Sachs & Co., where she shattered management expectations for the speed she brought to the firm a client base whose net worth exceeded a billion dollars.  But even that was too small for her, and she knew her passions were much wider than working at a large institution.

In 2014, Amy launched Select Advisors Institute to motivate, train, and partner with service providers who are looking to grow at the same pace and trajectory she has grown her career and businesses.

Ms. Parvaneh speaks frequently about motivating sales teams, having a vision and sticking with it, having a sense of urgency with prospects, and building trust and lasting relationships with clients and prospects by being hungry, humble, and true to yourself.  She also teaches about cutting edge methods to get in front of prospects to articulate how you are unique.

Besides an MBA from Duke University, Amy has a degree in Luxury Brand Management and marketing to high net worth consumers from ESSEC University in Paris, France.

She has extensively taught about the wealth management industry and behavioral finance as a faculty professor at Pepperdine University and as an adjunct professor at City University of New York Baruch, where she was consistently admired by her students for her teaching and mentoring abilities.  Some of the topics she has taught on include Derivatives, Risk Management, Behavioral Finance, Wealth Management Pricing, Equities, Fixed Income, Portfolio Management, and much much more.

She is an industry respected thought leader, speaker, columnist, author, and consultant, and has been a leadership speaker at various educational functions, both for advisors and for their end investors.  Most recently, she has been a keynote or breakout speaker at the Private Banking Investment Group (PBIG) Conference for Merrill Lynch, Robert W. Baird National Conference, United Capital Executive Summit, Foothill Securities Conference, BluePointe Capital Client Educational Conference, and much more.

She has also been featured in the WSJBarron'sMichael Kitces Financial Advisor Success PodcastInvestmentNewsRIABiz, and much more.