The Select Advisors Sales Manual


The Select Advisors Sales Manual


“Mind blowing ideas! I Love the Book! Already improved my business and I'm only up to page 10! It's about time us advisors hear about a realistic and distinctive marketing angle like yours - thank you.” - Feedback from Paramus-based financial advisor who purchased the Select Advisors Sales Manual

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In this manual, you will learn everything you need from setting goals and achieving them, to email templates to editors, prospects, and clients, in order to grow your wealth management practice. Out of prospects and leads? We’ve got solutions to that in this manual. Have a prospect that just can’t pull the trigger and move forward? We can help you realize why.

Most questions or challenges you have ever faced about growing your practice will be include in this manual. This manual is our standard book used with all of our coaching clients.

Our manual includes email templates, meeting checklists, worksheets, scripts and writing samples, as well as articles you must read every day to not waste a second more in developing new opportunities for your practice.

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Sales coaching book for getting in front of high net worth prospects

Good book for both CPAs and Financial Advisors