Book of Emails for Financial Advisors

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Book of Emails for Financial Advisors


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Our email writing success has proven itself over and over for our clients. Since 2013, our suggested introductory emails and suggested responses have gotten financial advisors, accountants and non-profits looking for new prospects in front of 100’s of millions of dollars of new opportunities. Read some of our testimonials here.

Anyone who knows Amy Parvaneh knows that she has built all of her businesses without having had any connections (first in wealth management, then in her recruiting business, and eventually with Select Advisors, which has risen to be one of the most recognized consulting firms in the financial industry). All of her success has come directly through sheer email and letter writing.

As Select Advisors, we are very keen on time management, and strongly advise our clients against attending too many networking events and luncheons, which can waste precious time and money.

Instead, we suggest our direct reach-out approach to your niche or ideal market, provided you have the proper communication strategy and content.

In this book, we have compiled many of the most successful email campaigns we have helped our clients with pertaining to their prospects, centers of influence, old leads, and more.

Whether you’re having an event and want more people intrigued to attend, or you want to convert your friends into prospects, this book will have all the language you need to help you appeal to your discerning market.

This purchase includes:

50 Email Templates for every situation and stage of the prospecting process. Each email includes core messaging as well as “fill in the blanks” to customize the messaging around your brand and practice.

These emails were actually written by our firm for advisors, results were successful (an opportunity converted into a prospect), and they have been customized over and over for other advisors. They are heartfelt, genuine, and avoid jargon.


  • Email template to someone who just sold his/her business

  • Email template to something who has just raised more money for his/her business

  • Email template to someone going through a divorce

  • Email template to someone you went to college with

  • Email template to someone you used to work with

  • And a lot more!

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