Sarah Hodges

Sarah is our Executive Productivity and Well-Being Coach. She is a certified coach, speaker, and creator of the A+ Method: A proprietary approach to goal setting.  The powerful A+ Method can unstick the stuck, motivate the unmotivated, and soothe the stressed.  Tested on clients from ages 6 to 91, Sarah’s powerful program transforms from the inside-out in record time.

Her passion for personal growth began after her struggle with obesity and depression as a professional musician and opera singer. After losing 90 pounds and transforming her own life, Sarah sought out extensive education and certifications in brain-based life coaching, health coaching, and biomechanics.

When not coaching, Sarah spends her time on her passion project called Innerform, where she applies her A+ Method to body-positive wellness education for women. She is also a strong supporter of cancer research and prevention. She works closely with the National Foundation of Cancer Research and sits on the advisory board of Geneius, a t-cell therapy company.


  • Neuroleadership Institute Brain-Based Coach

  • Uniform Investment Advisor Law

  • ACE Health Coach

  • Z-Health Essentials of Elite Performance

  • NASM Personal Trainer

  • Somatraining:

    • Proprioception & Awareness

    • Advanced Circulatory and Respiratory Techniques

    • ELDOA (Longitudinal Osteo-Articular Decoaptation Segmental Strengthening

    • Gravity Line

    • Cardiovascular Conditioning Techniques

    • Myofascial Stretching