Coffee Chats with Amy


Coffee Chats with Amy


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Pricing is on a monthly basis, for a 12 month program.  You will be charged monthly.

You will receive:

  1. One-hour group sales coaching webcam/call with Select Advisors, two times per month, with a group of up to 20 other like-minded advisors facing the same challenges as you.  We will not share your name with the other advisors on the call, and your name will be hidden from the guest list.
  2. Our 100+ page manual to answer and handle any lead, prospect and closing situation inquiry for investors.  Includes templates, exercises, immediate solutions to real time challenges and questions.
  3. Topics that will be covered in the curriculum include:

Topics Discussed will include:

  • How to become a wealth detector in your daily activities
  • How to use social media in order to source leads from any industry
  • What your social media presence should include in order to get most people to accept your connection and take a meeting with you
  • How to reduce the cost of experimentation and follow strategies that are most effective for wealth managers
  • How to handle prospect objections in today's marketplace
  • How to prospect friends and neighbors in a way that you don't damage long lasting relationships
  • How to get better at gaining referrals from existing client through better research
  • How to see who is building wealth before anyone finds out
  • How to spend your business development time in a way that's effective
  • Becoming a Wealth Detector to source billionaires, the millionaire next door, and unannounced M&A activity
  • And much more including:
    - Getting to large pockets of wealth
    - Creating Referral Zone Clients
    - Learning what HNW individuals are looking for in strategies and managers
    - Working with Foundations & Endowments, large corporate executives, vendor lists
    - Influencing strategies to switch from one firm to another
    - Expediting the process of working with COI?s
    - The best type of COI's
    - Strategies for increasing referrals from COI's
    - Best practices around adding new COI's to your network
    - Becoming a better storyteller to describe your value proposition
    - Stepping outside your comfort zone
    - Finding leads in your every day life
    - Handling prospect objections to
    expedite the closing process
    - Using social media to improve your process

2.  Access to our client-exclusive video library, with one new video added per month

4.  Accountability system to keep you on track

One package per advisor, multiple advisors per firm can not sign up for the same package as we will track who will be on the webcam.

If you are not able to make one of the sessions, you can join another Coffee Chat with Amy session within the same month.


Upon your purchase, you will receive a call from Select Advisors Institute to provide your card for our ongoing monthly charges.

Select Advisors reserves the right to refuse your application or terminate your agreement at any point during these 12 month sessions without cause.