Wealth Detector Workshop


Wealth Detector Workshop


Wealth Detector Workshop

☞ April 26th, 2018, 9am to 4pm

Location: Newport Beach, CA



$1,200 if purchased in March, 2018

$1,750 if purchased in April, 2018


Details of what you will gain and learn:

  • Worksheets and manuals to take back to your business and utilize on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to constantly generate new leads and opportunities for your practice

  • Your team's new messaging and branding, through our exercises and discussions

  • Proven email writing strategies and techniques that you can utilize to get in front of ultra high net worth investors

  • Stepping outside your comfort zone

  • Finding leads in your every day life through our Wealth Detector process

  • Methods to handling prospect objections to expedite the closing process

  • Time management strategies around business development

  • Email writing and researching strategies to get meetings with prospects

  • Becoming a Wealth Detector to source billionaires, the millionaire next door, and unannounced M&A activity

  • Getting to large pockets of wealth

  • Learning what HNW individuals are looking for in strategies and managers

  • Working with Foundations & Endowments, large corporate executives, vendor lists

  • Expediting the process of working with COI’s The best type of COI's

  • Becoming a better storyteller to describe your value proposition

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Select Advisors reserves the right to refuse admissions into its programs.  If your application is rejected, we will refund your payment.