Subscription-Based Videos

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Subscription-Based Videos


Don't waste a second experimenting on sales and marketing strategies for your practice that will not work.  Learn and develop skills that are effectively being used by some of the nation's fastest-growing advisors.  

If you liked the content we delivered on the Michael Kitces Financial Advisor Success Podcast, you will enjoy receiving similar tools, strategies and ideas delivered to you on a monthly basis.

Here is our Youtube channel with just a glimpse into our content.  

One time payment of $499 to receive one video per month for 12 months on topics that impact most advisors in today's marketplace.  These videos are reserved exclusively for our clients and are not widely distributed.

Topics discussed on the videos will include:

  • How to revamp your brand so you stand apart from the other 2 million advisors in your competition
  • How to articulate your messaging so that you educate your prospects on the benefits of working with the type of firm you're working at: An RIA, a bank, a wirehouse, etc.
  • Why you're always the last one to find out about a new liquidity event (and how to be among the first)
  • How women and men sell differently as wealth managers
  • How to handle, and politely refute, prospect objections
  • How to navigate a good networking event and walk away with more connections and leads
  • Why you NEED to become better with your social media presence (it's no longer optional)
  • How to prospect friends and neighbors in a way that you don't damage long lasting relationships
  • How to get better at gaining referrals from existing client through better research
  • And much more!

Receive a monthly video with exercises and examples to help you bring these courses to life.

Videos are typically around 15-20 minutes.