Some of our clients' testimonials

At Select Advisors Institute, we are obsessed with our clients' privacy and their trust in our advice.  Therefore, to protect the privacy of our clients, we do not advertise their names on the internet.  Upon request, we can provide client names and references.

CEO of a multi-billion dollar advisory firm in the NY Tristate area

“Select Advisors has been instrumental in improving sales, and structuring our marketing and client communication processes, particularly with coaching dozens of our advisors, developing internal systems to improve collaboration and communication within our various departments, increasing the utilization of our CRM systems, adding revenue tracking and pipeline functions, and developing a team-based approach to prospecting. “

Chief Strategist of a multi-billion dollar National Advisory Firm

"Amy has an exceptional ability of connecting with and communicating with high net worth individuals, networking, and following through.  She comes across as very poised and non-confrontational, yet has an innate ability to sell to high net worth investors given the right timing and opportunity."

CEO of a single family office in Los Angeles, California

“Amy’s ability to identify and connect with high net worth individuals, and establish a long term relationship with them is very rare.  She has the ability to uncover individuals who are either extremely under the radar or high profile, connect with them through a very polished methodology, and establish long-lasting business relationships with them.”


“Amy helped our team get closer to and learn more about some of our prospects than we have had in five years!”


CEO of a $300mm advisory firm in Southern California

Financial advisors at a $300mm firm in Southern California

“Amy has taught me how to control a conversation and frame my responses.  This has been a huge help for me in telling my story and proving credibility to people I speak with whether it is in person, email, or on the phone. I think Amy has been a great resource for me in that she has taught me how to sell myself, and find different ways of meeting people.”

“Relating what a prospect says to what our own firm does is the most effective thing I have learned. This involves my “Rocky” story and improvising based on the conversation. Viewing a client or prospect in terms of his/her network of contacts is a close second. The system Amy has instituted to track leads is the most practical tool I picked up”

CEO of a $150mm NY Advisory Firm

The Select Advisors Sales Training Program and Consulting Methodology helped boost the business development efforts of me and my team, enhancing the way we approached our strategies, and expanding our prospect list.  Since working with Select Advisors, our business has grown by 300%!