Sales Research Retreat


Sales Research Retreat


Select Advisors Institute

Upcoming Sales Research Retreat:

  • JUNE 6, 2017
  • Four Seasons Hotel, New York City
  • 2pm to 5pm

Details of what you will gain:

  • Are you curious why some advisory firms grow at $200mm a year, others double in size every five years, and most remain the same size and shrink annually?  We will share with you best practices from these firms through a seminar style format, facilitated by our founder, Amy Parvaneh
  • Having coached hundreds of advisors throughout our tenure, researched industry best practices, and consulted with thought leaders throughout the nation on sales management, we have compiled a massive level of intelligence that we will share with you
  • Learn what works, and what flat out doesn't, thus reducing the cost of experimentation
  • In-depth discussions around closing, working with centers of influence, capturing more prospects, time management, and much much more
  • Collaboration with colleagues, industry experts, and the Select Advisors Team
  • Advice around compensation restructuring, hiring talent, training your team
  • Technology and industry tools to help you automate your growth goals
  • Processes to maximize client engagement for word-of-mouth marketing
  • Blog writing, public relations, advertising, mailers...what will work?
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