Select Advisors & Co. can sit at the same side as you to find a wealth manager!

We understand the process of selecting a wealth manager can be daunting, particularly if you have not had much of a previous experience in the financial services industry.

Asking an accountant or an estate attorney is a great start, but most of those professionals are not focused on the wealth management industry on a day-to-day basis to be up to speed on the latest investment rules, market trends, products and strategies, fee structures, vehicles, etc. 

We offer the following services to investors looking to hire a new wealth manager:

  • An unbiased ranking of wealth managers within a zip code based on accounts per employees, relevant years of experience and credentials of the CEO and Chief Investment Officer,  background check of the advisors, and fee comparison with other wealth managers

  • Introduction to wealth managers in our network that we work closely with through our consulting work

  • Interviewing of wealth managers with you so you ask the right questions, and no important details are left ignored

Contact us today for our advice.  We truly want to help you find the most fitting wealth manager!