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an exciting and fast-paced career in wealth management marketing, learning to work with some of the world's most successful individuals and families as their trusted advisor


our network of thousands of financial advisory firms, collectively managing trillions of dollars, who are looking to hire marketing managers


our certification program:
A 12 week rich course of learning, comprised of online and interactive training, with no background necessary in finance!


Our Upcoming Open House Dates

Friday, June 16, 10am

Wednesday, June 21, 3pm

Wednesday, June 28th, 3pm


Your Host

Your host will be our founder and CEO, Amy Parvaneh, who earned her training and stripes in the Investment Management divisions of Goldman Sachs and PIMCO. Ms. Parvaneh also has multiple years of experience working in investment banking and equity research at Citigroup and Bear Stearns, has an MBA from Duke University, and has been a faculty professor at Pepperdine University, teaching about the wealth management industry.


Open House topics

  • What is wealth management?

  • How can this certification help your career?

  • What does a wealth manager do?

  • Why is this a good opportunity? How is this a good investment? What are my returns?

  • How do I get certified?

  • What does the course look like? What materials do I need?

  • What does the certification mean to me?

  • How is this certification going to help me?

  • Why wealth management?

  • What skills do I need to become a good wealth manager?

  • What tasks do wealth managers have?

  • Our application and screening process

  • What kind of background you need to be a wealth manager (hint, all backgrounds will be considered)


Our Mission

At Select Advisors, we are excited about the numbers: Over the next 30 years, an epic $30 trillion will be passed down from Baby Boomers to Generation X to Millennials. In that massive transfer of wealth, many great opportunities will arise for those who can connect best with the next generation, and particularly with new wealth. There is major demand in the industry for those who are best-positioned to take advantage of this unique demographic shift!